Shopee’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs. original | How not to fall for this scam?

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Shopee’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs. original | How not to fall for this scam?

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is the best Bluetooth headphone Samsung has ever released. Therefore, especially for those who use an Android smartphone, the accessory is the best alternative on the market. However, its price close to R$ 1,000 makes users feel tempted to save money, buying pirated clones that cost a tenth of the price.

However, trying to reduce costs by buying a counterfeit product is never the best solution. In addition, there are malicious people who resell pirated headphones as originals. To help you escape this trap, we’ll give you some tips to identify fake Buds 2 Pro.

Deception is easy at first sight

The packaging of the headphones is the first point of attention. When unpacking the replica from the plastic package, the resemblance to the original box was noticeable. But, when looking closer, the high-relief details made by the South Korean do not exist in the pirated option.

On the back of the pirated Buds 2 Pro box, in addition to information copied from the original packaging, there is a QR Code with the link forwarding directly to the We Chat app. Despite being a messenger widely used in China, it doesn’t make any sense to have a way to facilitate the installation of the application.

Still in terms of design, the weight of the pirated headphones is less than the originals, but, of course, it is only possible to know that with both versions in hand. Another point is that the fake Buds 2 Pro have LEDs in the area where the external microphone of the product would be, and this is the characteristic that can help you the most when identifying the fake product.

Does the replica have an original serial number?

The big problem with the replica is the serial number and model printed on the box. I say this because it is possible to register the product as original in Samsung Members. This makes everything even more worrying, because, from the moment you manage to register as an original, fooling a layman is even easier.

This same problem is seen in the pirate AirPods Pro, as it is possible to register the accessory in the Apple account without any barriers. This is an unfortunate breach of the manufacturer, since, buying by mistake, the user is only aware of the forgery when he activates the guarantee.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Visuals can be deceiving, but audio…

The highs and mids are highlighted in the pirated Buds 2 Pro, but none of the tones have the expected “brightness”, contrary to what we see in Samsung’s premium phone. In songs that explore more bass, like “Nervous”, by John Legend, the low frequency beats are very styleless.

The volume isn’t the best either, because the original Buds 2 Pro don’t even need to be used above 70% to become squeaky in your ear. The replica phone, in turn, can be used at 100% without difficulty.

This demonstrates that, in addition to the aggravating factors of being a counterfeit, the sound experience built into the product is basic. Comparing with cheaper models, it is equivalent to the Redmi AirDots 3. It is identified in the Samsung Wearable application, but it is not possible to do any equalization that could optimize its sound.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Why is it not worth buying Galaxy Buds 2 Pro from Shopee or AliExpress?

First of all, you have to be a conscious consumer. From the moment you buy a replica, your intention is not to have the best audio quality, but to create the false impression of having a premium product in your hand for pure “ostentation”, and this same opinion extends to the AirPods Pro pirate.

In addition, there are several cheap Bluetooth headphones that are really worth it, and this already demonstrates that it makes no sense to resort to replicas. For those who want to buy the original Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, currently the Samsung accessory costs, on average, R$ 980. Thus, those who want to have the Buds 2 Pro manufactured by the South Korean company can purchase the reliable version.


Main Feature
Connection Type Bluetooth 5.2
Microphone 3 M=mic (2 outer + 1 inner) + Voice Pickup Unit
Physical Specification
Drivers 2 Way Dynamic with Powerful Bass
Dimensions Earbud: 17.0(W) x 20.9(H) x 21.1(D) mm
Case: 50(W) x 50.2(H) x 27.8(D) mm
Color Graphite
Bora Purple
Warranty No Warranty

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