Realme 9i review

Realme 9i

Realme 9i review

The Realme 9i is an Android cell phone which plans to convey a top of the line insight for a low-end cost – just shy of £200.

There is a lot of competition at this price point, with the Redmi Note 11 promising similar performance-per-pound and the Poco M4 Pro 5G, which costs £239 more but has many of the same features plus 5G support.

While there’s a ton to weigh up, on its own benefits, the Realme 9i as of now offers a great deal – a 6.6in 90Hz showcase, the entire day quick charging battery, a triple focal point camera – and for only two tons. Might the Realme 9i test for the best financial plan at any point telephone.

Plan and Construct

Plastic body, metallic completion
Type-C reversible USB, 3.5 earphone jack
Finger impression scanner incorporated into power key

Like a ton of spending plan Android telephones, the Realme 9i is produced using lightweight plastic, however it has an intelligent covering. It comes into two variety choices, Crystal Blue and Crystal Dark, and the blue choice I’ve tried is a great, light shade like that of an extravagant container of gin.

Volume 0% of 0 seconds of 10 minutes, 6 seconds The Realme 9i is light (190g), so most people should be able to use it with one hand, but it is not a small phone; It has a 6.6-inch display and stands about 165 millimeters tall.

The power key on the right-hand side highlights a unique mark scanner, which makes for quick and helpful opening. This is a feature that is becoming more and more common on budget phones, but it is always a nice touch.

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Realme 9i review

A regular 3.5mm headphone jack, a Type-C USB port, an external speaker, and a noise canceling microphone are all located at the base. Two volume keys and the SIM and microSD card combination tray are located on the left side. There’s nothing on the top side, save a depression for another clamor receiver.

The speaker for the earpiece is crammed into the top and is so thin that it barely stands out against the extremely thin bezels. The front-facing camera has a hole punch inserted into the top left corner of the display rather than a notch or teardrop at the top.

Screen and Speakers

6.6in LCD
Full HD+
90Hz invigorate rate
Double speakers


The Realme 9i presses a 6.6in Full HD+ LCD show into a thin and lightweight body. That would be great going for a spending plan telephone in any case, at the same time, the Realme 9i’s showcase has one more secret weapon as a 90Hz most extreme revive rate.

This mostly means that video and game content looks like polished silver, but even everyday tasks like scrolling through menus feel a little bit smoother when the 90Hz mode is on.

It’s seemingly this component more than some other that causes you to fail to remember that the Realme 9i is a spending plan gadget. Brilliance is likewise fair, sufficient to punch through the brightness of a splendid radiant day as I recorded a pinnacle splendor of 556 nits.

Regardless, even though the Realme 9i’s display is excellent, it cannot compete with the Redmi Note 11’s because no LCD can ever match the contrast of an AMOLED. Nonetheless, it is a respectable display that is capable of rendering mobile games and video content to a pretty high standard.

The outside speakers are sufficient, not excessively metallic, however they’re not precisely going to make the room shake, so you’ll likely need to take a gander at getting a Bluetooth speaker and a few earphones, as well.

Specs and Execution

Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
Up to 6GB Slam
Up to 128GB capacity
No 5G

Execution of the Realme 9i is comprehensively inside assumptions for a 2022 financial plan gadget – it’ll do the essentials well overall, and at times, execution joined with the 90Hz presentation will intrigue. In different regions, it’s plainly deficient.

The clearest model is gaming, which is a blended encounter. The game assistant software informed me that I was getting 55-58 frames per second most of the time while playing Dead Trigger 2. The game looked great and played well. However, despite being fairly stable, the pre-installed beta version of PUBG Mobile chugged along at 20-25 frames per second. I must have died so frequently.

The Realme 9i is controlled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680, a similar mid-range eight-center processor which likewise sits in the engine of the Redmi Note 11 – it’s not shocking then, at that point, that benchmarking results are practically the same. The GPU scores here aren’t a lot to become amped up for. Initially, they’re just somewhat better compared to those of the less expensive Realme C31.

Realme 9i

Concerning general telephone activities, the Realme 9i is totally fine. The camera responds quickly to commands, there is very little lag, and it feels reasonably quick to move from tab to tab in the browser and through menus.

Seldom did I need to close down lethargic applications to let loose memory. The version I was sent to test had 4GB of RAM, so you should be able to do more of the same with the 6GB version without having to kill old processes as much.

Another consideration is how long a phone with 4 gigabytes of storage will serve you; if you can get your hands on a model with 6 gigabytes, go for it. This form is no place to be seen on the authority UK store, yet you in all actuality do get 128GB of stockpiling as standard.

The absence of 5G connectivity is less encouraging, but if this is a problem for you, you might want to save your money for the Realme 9 5G and Realme 9 Pro phones, which both support 5G. On the off chance that you’re not whined about last-gen portable velocities, or you live some place which actually can’t get 5G gathering, this probably won’t be an issue at any rate.


50Mp primary camera with 2Mp dark and white and a 2Mp large scale sensors
16Mp forward looking camera
Records up to 1080p @30fps
Time pass and slo-mo modes

The Realme 9i’s 50Mp principal camera can take a few excellent stills, however, as is much of the time the case with modest telephones, there are a few restrictions; With fast-moving subjects, the autofocus occasionally fails, and low-light shots are typically quite noisy.

The photograph of the white insect on the red acer is a genuine illustration of the Realme 9i’s capacity to lock center around a tenderly moving subject. While snapping this picture, a light breeze was moving things around a ton, so it’s noteworthy that the insect is however definite as it could be here. Nonetheless, as you can see from taking a gander at the leaves in the forefront and foundation, extra detail is lost.

The fundamental camera is taking everything into account at catching wide-point shots. In my experience, close-ups taken in auto mode typically resulted in images that were significantly darker and had colors that appeared less natural. The dedicated macro mode, on the other hand, did not capture much more detail. So very much like pretty much every financial plan telephone, then.

If the right conditions are present, night shots can be stunning. On the off chance that there’s a lot of surrounding light, in any event, shooting on auto produces OK outcomes, however the Night mode long openings truly ready and waiting home. Take a gander at the photographs of the Public Performance center structure for a genuine illustration of the effect Night mode has.

In more negative news, colors will quite often be a piece misrepresented and unnatural yet this is still very great going for a spending plan telephone. A ton of different telephones in this classification aren’t half as gorgeous (at you, Realme C31), simply know that you’ll most likely be taking ten photographs, disposing of nine, and keeping the one that is great a ton of the time.

As you might expect, taking self-portraits in well-lit locations with plenty of light makes them look their best. There’s a fill light impact, which can ease melancholy shots, yet as may be obvious, the outcomes are not fabulous, particularly on the off chance that you’re wearing glasses.

The Realme 9i can record 1080p video at 30fps, and results are for the most part satisfactory, however results are ideal on the off chance that you’re utilizing a stand, or have the telephone set up on something. The camera sensor is great at changing in accordance with lighting conditions on the fly, and coming about film by and large looks smooth, yet container and slants frequently come out looking precarious.

Battery Life and Charging The Realme 9i’s 4880mAh battery can run for more than 12 hours on a single charge with 33W of fast charging. In benchmarking tests, even with the higher 90Hz refresh rate turned on, it provided power for well over 12 hours.

Narratively, I would end most working days with around 60% power left over subsequent to accepting calls, streaming music to a Bluetooth speaker, and playing inactive games on lunchbreaks. This implies numerous clients will receive two days in return.

The Realme 9i outperformed the majority of competitors when running the PC Mark Work benchmark, which simulates a variety of tasks like web browsing and video streaming. With the highest refresh rate turned on, it ran for 16 hours and 49 minutes.

Dropping down to 60Hz, I ran a similar test once more to perceive how much power you could save by having the screen revive at a lower rate, and I got 17 hours 22 minutes – a distinction of about 30 minutes. To put it another way, if you are running low on power, you might be able to switch to 60Hz and watch one more episode of Selling Sunset before getting up from the couch to find your charger.

Speaking of charging, the supplied 33W charger will get you from flat to full in just under an hour and twenty minutes, so you won’t be without Netflix for long. Thirty minutes on the mains from void will net you around 45% while an hour will see you leave with generally 80%. That is quick by any telephone’s principles, yet phenomenal for a spending plan blower.

Software and Apps Android 11 Realme UI 2.0 custom interface The Realme 9i comes pre-installed with the cryptic “Realme UI” version 2.0 of Realme’s custom UI.

Realme 9i review

Custom connection points on Android telephones can be a torment, since they’re here and there foolish, or potentially stylishly hostile. Realme UI isn’t both of those things, however it likewise doesn’t actually upgrade the stock Android experience in a significant manner by the same token.

All things considered, it’s a sufficiently straightforward UI to explore, and keeping in mind that there are a lot of applications and games pre-introduced on the telephone, the majority of them can be uninstalled if you would rather not use them.

The ones which can’t, similar to the Compass application, are small, and don’t occupy a lot of room – so in the event that you don’t utilize them, you will not actually miss them and with 128GB of stockpiling as standard in the UK it’s anything but an issue to stress over.

You can, generally, tweak things as you would prefer. You can easily change the app icon alignment grid so that everything snaps to a 56 grid, put any wallpapers and widgets you want on the home screen, and turn on dark mode if you’d rather the menus be black rather than white, which is more nighttime-friendly.

Price and Availability The SIM-free and unlocked Realme 9i is currently on sale for £199 in the UK. This pertains to the model with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

You can likewise get similar model from Amazon UK, Ebuyer and PCs Direct, additionally for £199.

The Realme 9i will not be available in the United States or Australia at the time of writing; however, you can purchase some versions on Amazon US for approximately $215. No pricing information for the 4/64GB or 6/128GB variants was available in the United Kingdom at the time of writing.

As referenced before, there’s a lot of contest around this sticker cost so look at our graph of the best spending plan telephones to see what else could take your extravagant.


The Realme 9i is a fabulous incentive for cash Android telephone which does the rudiments in style, offers extraordinary battery execution, and the cameras are very great as well. It’s valued pleasantly, looks great, is lightweight and is not difficult to utilize. Buyers who are looking for a budget-friendly phone or a dependable backup option will love it.

All things considered, the Redmi Note 11 is evaluated something very similar, offers a ton of similar highlights, and if you somehow happened to fixate on petty distinctions, you may be enticed by the way that it has an AMOLED screen, though the Realme 9i has a LCD. AMOLED is also available in the older Realme 8.

It’s likewise not a 5G telephone, and keeping in mind that you shouldn’t be guaranteed to expect 5G help for £200, the Poco M4 Ace 5G incorporates this, and it’s just about £40 more, so that could influence you.

However, these are somewhat little issues. The Realme 9i is a magnificent financial plan telephone that will more than fulfill most purchasers after a modest ‘n merry gadget.

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