KZ EDX Transparent Crystal Clear In-Ear Earphones

KZ EDX Transparent Earphones

KZ EDX Transparent Crystal Clear In-Ear Earphones

Specification :

  • Brand: KZ
  • Impedance. 23Ω
  • Earphone sensitivity. 112dB/mW.
  • Frequency range. 10-40000Hz.
  • Interface. 3.5mm.
  • Cable Lngth. 1.25±0.05m.
  • Whether with cable. Yes.
  • Earphone interface. 2Pin 0.75mm.
  • Whether can replacement cable. Yes.
  • Driver unit 10mm composite magnetic dynamic driver


  • KZ EDX Transparent Earphones Straightforward and in vogue altered appearance, reasonable for stage, road and different scenes. Skin agreeable imported gum material high temperature shaping, UV stain to add shine surface. You have a few options with the classic black and white colors.
  • The low frequency dive can reach 10Hz with a composite magnetic dynamic of less than 10mm. Tuning is predominantly well known and ACG arranged. The tune attractive power makes the low recurrence thickness increment, which is more appropriate for the requirements of electronic music and weighty instrumental music. The requirements of vocal and classical music for medium frequency details can be met by rapidly improving transient response.
  • Ergonomic plan, very agreeable to wear and viable sound decrease. The pre-shaped ear snares delicately fit the auricle, making the headset agreeable and stable to wear. Subsequent to being worn firmly, it can really diminish outer commotion obstruction, and you can appreciate music by changing the volume to 15-30%.
  • 0.75mm standard gold-plated pin, meeting the different conceivable outcomes of Hifi update. You can change and work on the sound by evolving links, and experience different sound quality. For example, venture into a remote Bluetooth headset by supplanting the Bluetooth module update link. * Upgraded cables require separate purchase.

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