How is kissing beneficial to health?

kissing beneficial to health

kissing beneficial to health

kissing beneficial to health- I am writing the answer in shame. It would be foolish to think of myself as a practical expert on this matter. I can glean some theoretical knowledge out of pure interest.

  1. First of all, I’m quite surprise by your interest in kissing that there are so many wonderful health benefits in the world. There is something naughty in you. ha ha
  2. Hmmm, kissing does have some health benefits. I am a bit of a fitness conscious person so let’s start with the fitness related stuff.
  3. Kissing burns calories. A minute of kissing can burn 2 to 6 calories, while running on a treadmill can burn you 13 to 15 calories a minute. There is a huge but. Burning 6 calories per minute is not an easy task. If you want to burn 6 calories per minute just by kissing, then you have to kiss really hard. Kissing babies the way we gently kiss them won’t burn a single calorie. Another thing, If you run on the treadmill for 10 minutes, you should burn about 100 calories. But if you want to burn 100 calories by kissing, you and your partner will have to sleep a lot. And burning 100 calories in this process for so long, I don’t think it is possible for a common man like us. It might be possible for someone as dedicated and professional as Emraan Hashmi. But you can only say to your lover or sweetheart ‘Let’s have some work out today, baby.
  4. A strong kiss (a good name given to this kiss) will activate your facial muscles. Researchers say that during such kissing, 30 muscles are exercised together. So a strong kiss can help in keeping the look tight.

** The term ‘power kiss’ is probably my invention, it should be copyright.

  1. Now let’s talk about work. One of the biggest benefits of kissing is that it releases oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine. Due to the release of these hormones, you will feel relaxed, work comfort in the body and feel a kind of attachment to the loved one.

14 Scientific Reasons to Kiss

  1. Kissing can help a person choose a mate.
  2. Kissing can increment excitement.
  3. Kissing can elevate your mood.
  4. Women who are kissed are more likely to have an orgasm.
  5. Certain individuals can climax from kissing alone.
  6. Kissing with all of your heart can really work your facial muscles.
  7. It can also help you lose some weight.
  8. Kissing can improve skin health.
  9. Kissing can help you live longer and make more money.
  10. Kissing might make your microbiome better.
  11. Kissing has been shown to ease stress.
  12. Kissing makes your relationship better.
  13. Kissing can decrease sensitivity side effects.
  14. Kissing is stunningly pleasureful.

Happy kissing!

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