How do you know if the iPhone is real?

How do you know if the iPhone is real

How do you know if the iPhone is real?

Real iPhone- There are plenty of fake cell phones on the smartphone market, ranging from blatantly gross versions to others that are very similar to the originals. One of the brands with the most pirated products is Apple, from the “clone” version of the iPhone.

For this reason, it’s ideal to check whether the purchase is made at a reliable store like Magalu, or else Apple itself is authorize to sell the Cupertino giant’s products. Also, Canaltech has singled out some important points to check if an iPhone is genuine and thus ensure that you are taking home exactly what you want.

Serial number and IMEI

The surest way to identify if an iPhone is genuine is to check the device’s serial number. Every iPhone has this sequence, which can be found after following a few steps:

  • Find the Settings icon;
  • Select “General”;
  • In the next menu, locate the “About” option;
  • Identify the code, which is 12 characters long;

Enter the code on this site, which will identify the version of the device and tell if it is still under warranty. If the cell phone appears and is identified on this page on the Apple website, make sure it’s a genuine device.

In the same menu, you can also find the IMEI. It’s a number that’s almost like an identity document for a cell phone, and therefore also serves as verification – and also the number used to block it in case it’s lost or stolen.

Real iPhone


Apple is a company that makes devices with a sophisticated finish. Unlike rivals that sometimes offer top-of-the-line models with plastic backs, iPhones have matte aluminum sides or shiny stainless steel, glossy or frosted glass backs. The whole device is very well done, with no apparent finishing details. Also, some counterfeit devices may weigh less or more than the original. There are visual differences, especially around the screen that are usually thick on models of dubious origin.

Camera quality

Apple cell phones are known for their camera quality. iPhone SE (2020), iPhone SE (2022) and apple XR have only one rear camera, while iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 have two cameras, as well as iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 14 and 14 Plus The iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro and 14 Pro, and their Pro Max versions have three cameras plus a LiDAR sensor.

Duplicate models can present very low quality image results, such as large amounts of grain, image corner distortion and low definition, for example. Additionally, camera application interfaces can be completely different and the time required to take and save a photo can be much longer than with a real cell phone.

How do you know if the iPhone is real

operational system

Original iPhones run iOS, not Android like the replicas come with To download applications, you must access the App Store, not Google’s Play Store. Also, when connecting to a computer through iTunes, originals are automatically recognized and fakes cannot be detected. The original iPhone had no FM radio or digital TV.

Another system aspect that can catch a fake iPhone is the virtual assistant, if it’s not the traditional Siri on an Apple device – it can be disabled but not deleted. If Google Assistant appears in place, you can be sure it’s a pirated model.

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