Dodge SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo

Dodge SRT Tomahawk

Dodge SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo

The Dodge SRT Tomahawk, which was first shown off by Sony and Fiat Chrysler last week, is now a real car with 2,590 horsepower.

The Tomahawk is expect to be available for purchase in 2035, which means you’ll have to wait another 20 years. The one proviso, obviously, is that it’s accessible this late spring as a downloadable vehicle for GT6 on the PlayStation 3, another expansion to Polyphony Computerized’s long-running Vision Gran Turismo organization with genuine vehicle organizations to make advanced ideas show signs of life. And what an idea: The SRT Tomahawk is available in three versions: street, racing, and “experimental technology.” The street version has 1,007 horsepower, while the racing version has 2,590 horsepower. In top trim, FCA imagines the vehicle arriving at 404 miles each hour. Indeed, even in a game, that is white-knuckle speed on any circuit on the planet.

The Viper’s signature engine, a V-10, is pair with a pneumatic system that drives the wheels, manages retractable aerodynamic panels, adjusts the suspension rate, and can pressurize the driver’s g-suit—yes, a fighter pilot’s g-suit.

Therefore, this is not your typical supercar of today. However, we like Chrysler’s approach to this issue.

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