BoAt Wave Lite Review

BoAt Wave Lite Review

BoAt Wave Lite Sent off on 31st Walk 2022, it has acquired around 4.3-star appraisals and around 1000 surveys on Amazon.

It is ostensibly the subsequent top of the line smartwatch after Clamor ColorFir Heartbeat Terrific which we investigated fourteen days prior. You can actually look at that survey here. it will open in a different connection. So subsequent to enjoying quite a while with it, here’s our BoAt Wave Lite long haul survey!

In this BoAt Wave Lite smartwatch audit, we’ve discussed the geniuses and cons, box contents, assembled quality, screen quality, look and feel, BoAt Wearable application survey, smartwatch associate elements, watch faces customizations, exercise and measurements, battery reinforcement, lastly our decision. We can guarantee you won’t find a point by point article like this since we don’t follow the tech specs and tap out! is upheld by the perusers. This article has Amazon partner connects that assist us with acquiring a commission at no extra expense for you. It eventually assists perusers with enjoying you who are searching for “non-supported surveys”. We utilize an item for multi month prior to sharing the survey


  • Good Built Quality
  • The Silicon Strap is Flexible & Durable
  • Various Adjustments Present For Different Wrist Sizes
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • The TFT Display is Very Bright Outdoors
  • Touch Responsive is Fast
  • UI is Basic But Offers Essential Features
  • 150+ Watch Faces on The Cloud
  • Strong Battery Backup of Up to 5 Days
  • Charges Under 2 Hours Depending Upon Charger


  • App Doesn’t Show Map Data For Walks
  • Watch Can’t Show Workout Progress After Finishing Workout
  • Custom Watch Faces Needs More Polishing

In the box of BoAt Wave lite

To begin with,

1: A docket of other BoAt products.
2: User manual.
3: Warranty card.
4: Smartwatch itself.
5: BoAt sticker.
6: Magnetic charging cable.

1) The Lash: It’s a silicone tie which is normal in this cost range yet the elastic is very delicate and stretchable. You can undoubtedly change it without bringing on any torment. Despite the fact that I have hairs around my wrist and it has not culled a solitary one from the last month of testing.

2) The Dial: For under 2000 Rs numerous smartwatches have a polycarbonate suspension which gives good with just enough modest inclination. Yet, BoAt Wave Lite has a tough aluminum lodging that looks great while being solid. I end up knocking the watch a couple of times on hard surfaces and have not seen any gouges or scratches.

3) The band cut: like the past point, many watches accompany a plastic band cut which gives a sensation of inexpensiveness. In any case, BoAt has given an aluminum band lock which feels solid while wearing or taking the watch off.

BoAt Wave Lite comes in 3 different variety lashes while the watch undercarriage is dark/dim particle tone. The tones are Dynamic Dark, Red, and Dark Blue (that you see here). Since we have Commotion Variety Fit 2 in dark we went with Blue for a change and we are loving it!

The watch feels new and “new” consistently. The blue-dark tone is perfect for formal and easygoing excursions as well. BoAt marking on the tie is well finished and doesn’t come right at your face all that you check it out!

How much agreeable is BoAt Wave Lite? I’ve been trying this watch for the last month and it’s been truly agreeable. I in all actuality do have hairs on my wrist and it’s been working out in a good way.

Not a solitary occurrence of the pair struck in the lash. Another thing, the lash has 10 indents that help all wrist sizes to easily wear the smartwatch. My niece who is 12 years of age can undoubtedly hear it.

So as far as look and feel, BoAt Wave Lite gets my suggestion for being an agreeable smartwatch.

Screen brilliance is very much an issue with financial plan smartwatches. A few brands don’t do cost-cutting on highlights yet never discuss screen brilliance. By and by, I’ve utilized more than 5 smartwatches under 2000 Rs and none is basically as brilliant as BoAt Wave Lite.

Much under direct daylight, you won’t have to maximize the splendor. So in the event that you are outside the greater part of your day, this smartwatch will protect the vast majority of the battery as your brilliance won’t be depleting the battery.

Since on the low setting, it’s exceptionally brilliant. This won’t be something to be thankful for in a distressing room. Thus, I will exhort keeping a dull watch face that will facilitate the perceivability around evening time.

And screen quality? How positive or negative is the touch reaction? is the watch smart or slack? These are the issues shipped off us in DMS on Insta. Thus, in the event that you don’t follow us there, then you are passing up a major opportunity!

BoAt Wave Lite offers a fast and nearly jiffy contact insight. The second you will provide an order it will enroll it. For example A light touch while looking at the watch elements will set off something very much like that!

You will require a brief period prior to getting a hang of this smartwatch. Very much like all the smartwatches, on the off chance that there’s some water or the watch is damped it will end up being somewhat less receptive to a swipe with a dry fabric will be required.

BoAt Wearable App Setup

In the event that it’s your first smartwatch, you will like it. There are a good measure of highlights that will assist with making your life more straightforward. In the first place, the setting up process is exceptionally simple. Also, doesn’t take a lot to keep the watch going. All you really want is to turn on the watch with the crown button on the right and afterward everything is done by means of the BoAt Wear application which is free for iOS and Android.

To the extent that similarity goes, BoAt Wave Lite can be matched with an Android telephone running Android 5.0 and iOS it’s 12.0 or above. Subsequently, it’s viable with a considerable rundown of gadgets. Great job there, BoAt!

From the application, you will be expected to permit a large portion of the necessary consents as both Android and iOS are working more on client security. You can define your wellbeing objectives and the remainder of the arrangement interaction at the hour of setting up or a short time later utilizing the Google Fit or Apple Wellbeing application. So no issues in such manner also.

One idea to BoAt, if it’s not too much trouble, get your notices board variety conspire arranged. The Wearable application picks the variety conspire from the telephone and that’s what carries out. In any case, normal who keeps dark foundation with dark textual style!

Sympathetically figure this out. Our change to light mode. Here is a photograph with customary mode versus dull mode. You can’t peruse the notice!

BoAt Wearable App Setup

How to Use BoAt Wearable App

Many individuals got some information about the UI of the BoAt Wearable Application and here I am generally dazzled with it! The application shows no advertisements for other BoAt items. It’s actual spotless and fundamental which I like.

The Landing page is about your means taken, calories consumed, dynamic time, and blood oxygen level. You can check your details right from that point compelling reason need to swipe down to see improvement. Additionally, you will find the association status and help segment.

Further looking over will bring the itemized separation of your means taken hourly. Additionally, all out calories consumed and normal pulse.

How to Use BoAt Wearable App

The subsequent tab is the Examination tab. Where you will find every one of the significant classifications of information like Step Count, Calories, Pulse, Blood Oxygen and Rest. Tapping on any will carry a nitty gritty view with choices to show information by day, week, or month.

Alongside the absolute kilometers covered on the day and consumed calories. This is flawlessly finished.

How to Use BoAt Wearable App

How to Use BoAt Wearable App

Smart Connect Features

Prior to discussing the exercise and insights, how about we look at the smartwatch highlights.

The principal component to discuss is the raise-to-wake include. It functions admirably constantly with the exception of when you are driving, riding, or lying on a bed/love seat. In those three cases, the achievement pace of the raise-to-wake proportion is around half.

assuming you need to turn on the screen, you can do that with the crown button. Which can turn on/switch off/switch on/switch off the smartwatch.

The by and large UI is route in view of the 4 sides. Going left from the home screen will take you to the warnings where you can see notices of messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. The following is an image of all the upheld applications.

Empowering others on the base will show notices from the other upheld applications which are not displayed on the rundown.

BoAt Wave Lite

Swiping right will give you choices for Game modes, Inhale, Camera Selfie, SP02, Stopwatch, Screen Break, Watchfaces, Reset, Power Off, Download Application, Time, and more settings.

A solitary swipe up will carry the exercise measurement page with the means, action, and calories consumed. One more swipe up will bring the pulse screen. The second you will show up here the watch will play out a pulse screen test. Which is very exact. Contrasted with the outcome with Apple Watch 3, there’s simply a negligible distinction.

Doing a swipe up again will bring the rest screen. The rest screen is good. I generally rest around 3 AM and get up by 7:30 AM and it shows simply that. In any case, in the event that you will return to rest subsequent to awakening, it won’t follow along.

One more swipe up will bring the weather conditions area. This is a very pleasant mix. You can see a basic graphical picture of the climate. To the extent that weather conditions goes it can show low and high for the ongoing day, the following day, and the day after tomorrow. BoAt watch gets the information from the associated cell phone so ensure you have given area authorization.

Also, finally, you have your media playback controls. In the middle, you get the tune name. Additionally, you have choices to increment or diminishing the volume, change the track, and rehash the tune. I utilized two music applications for example Spotify and Ganna. For reasons unknown, the smartwatch was not showing the melody name on Ganna. However had the option to do all the other things

BoAt Wave Lite Battery Backup

The battery of BoAt Wave Light is serious areas of strength for a. assuming that you will utilize it widely like every one of the notices, weather conditions updates, and rest checking you can without much of a stretch anticipate close to 6 days. The battery design is very unique on BoAt Wave Light.

It starts to taste the battery gradually in the initial 3 to 4 days. Then on the fifth day, it will dip under half. What’s more, the following day around evening time the watch will require charging.

While charging, it’s an incredible inverse. The watch will get half charged inside 40 mins. Also, a short time later, it will turn out to be slow. I charged it multiple times in an entire month and with various gadgets like by means of USB from a PC, 20 Watt Motorola Super Charger, and a Samsung 5-watt 2amp charger.

The charging time shifts between 1 hour and 20 mins to 1 hour and 45 mins. Or on the other hand you can say, the charging time is under 2 hours (contingent on the charger).

So concerning battery reinforcement and charging, I’m very fulfilled

BoAt Wave Lite Watch Specification

Brand Boat
Model Wave Lite
Weight 45 grams
Type Color HD
Size 1.69 inch
Touch Yes
Wi-Fi No
Shape Square
Strap material Silicone
Heart rate monitor Yes
SpO2 monitor Yes
Calorie count Yes
Step count Yes
Sleep monitor Yes
Compatible OS Android, IOS
Battery backup Up to 7 days
Water resistant Yes
Dust proof Yes
Text notifications Yes
Call notifications Yes
Receive call No
Quick reply No
Alarm clock Yes
Weather Yes
Goal setting Yes
Camera control Yes
Find my phone Yes
Music control Yes

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