6 AI chatbots to use on WhatsApp

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6 AI chatbots to use on WhatsApp

AI chatbots on WhatsApp- Have you ever thought about accessing an AI on WhatsApp? This is possible thanks to several chatbots connected to the messenger — some of them use ChatGPT to respond to commands and bring responses without having to leave the application.

The capacity of each chatbot varies depending on the artificial intelligence model used: profiles integrated into ChatGPT are capable of generating images and even transcribing audio, while others are limited to text content.

6 chatbots with AI on WhatsApp

See alternatives with free plans to chat with AI in messenger:

6. Pi

The AI called Pi can help in difficult times: this chatbot is trained to provide emotional support and advice to relax. In addition to this support, the tool can also respond to any command in text, including in Portuguese.

5. ZapGPT

ZapGPT is a bot that incorporates ChatGPT technology into WhatsApp: the tool can respond to texts, interpret audios, generate images and even search Google in real time. The free version is capable of replying up to 10 messages per month

Availability: WhatsApp (wa.me)

4. LuzIA

LuzIA is a generative artificial intelligence with support for WhatsApp and Telegram, capable of responding to text commands, generating images and transcribing audios. The chatbot even has a “friends” command that adapts the language to some personalities, such as Star Wars Master Yoda.

WhatsApp LuzIA

3. WhatGPT

WhatGPT is yet another bot that embeds ChatGPT into WhatsApp, but the free version is limited. When trying to start a conversation, the platform reveals that there is a queue of more than 45 thousand people and the only way to cut corners is with a paid subscription to the service.

2. AI Pal

AI Pal also uses ChatGPT as a base and develops text or image responses. However, the free trial only lasts for one day and you have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to get unlimited messages.

1. Shmooz

Shmooz is a very complete tool: integrated with ChatGPT, it allows you to summarize PDF files, respond to text and audio, generate images and create templates from a selection menu. The free version has usage limitations, but the platform doesn’t say what they are.

Shmooz AI

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