4 reasons NOT to use TikTok

use TikTok

4 reasons NOT to use TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world, but that does not mean that it is perfect: there are a number of problems and defects that have not yet been resolved by the platform.

Here are some reasons that could lead you to move away from TikTok:

4. Addiction to social networks

TikTok’s algorithm is very good at choosing content that interests you, but this can lead to a “bottomless hole”: by the time you realize it, you’ve already spent tens of minutes scrolling through the feed.

This creates a kind of ′′ addiction ′′ to social media proven by scientific studies, as short videos can activate neurotransmitters that release dopamine in the brain and strengthen a kind of reward system,. The immediate feeling of pleasure is satisfying, but it can cause some problems with concentration and anxiety in the long run.

The problem is not limited to TikTok, obviously, and the social network tries to control exposure with screen time mechanisms. On the other hand, the platform also offers money for those who watch the videos for a long time, which ends up encouraging the practice.

use TikTok

3. Bizarre (and dangerous) trends

Trends and challenges are part of TikTok’s dynamics, but there are many harmful examples on the social network, especially when considering the app’s audience, full of children and teenagers. Again, this is not an issue limited to just one app, but TikTok’s ease of virality becomes a worrying factor in these cases.

There are many examples of dangerous and fatal challenges: a 13-year-old boy died of an overdose in the US after ingesting too many pills, and a 12-year-old Argentine girl died of suffocation. Both cases would have been motivated by challenges in the ByteDance network.

In addition, many viral contents can bring misinformation, as was the case with a series of home dental treatments not recommended by dentists or the excessive consumption of the drug Ozempic, indicated for the treatment of diabetes, but popularized on TikTok as a way to lose weight — this caused patients to go without medication in the US.

2. The data problem

TikTok has already been the target of allegations of sending user data to the Chinese government and has had to respond to authorities in the United States and Europe. In addition, the social network is subject to punishment and is at risk of banning in the US since the administration of Donald Trump.

These investigations do not necessarily affect the routine of users on the platform, but they do raise an alert about the transparency of the app regarding the use of data for each registered account.

1. Lack of moderation

Another common problem on social networks is also found on TikTok: failures to moderate criminal content and hate speech. Many groups “drift” community guidelines and manage to post harmful material on the platform.

A report by the Núcleo portal in July 2023 revealed that groups use TikTok to disseminate links related to child pornography. In addition, a study by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue reports users who use the network to disseminate terrorist materials related to the Christchurch attack, which took place in New Zealand in 2019. In both cases, tool moderation shows problems with deleting information.


There are good points, Despite the problems, TikTok can also be used very usefully and has a user-friendly interface for people of different age groups and internet skill levels. You can also check out 5 reasons to use the social network.

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